OpticsCalcX for OS X



OpticsCalcX is a handy optical calculator program for everyone from students to engineers who know optical theory, but need a quick and efficient way to perform the calculations. It frees your mind from having to remember all the equations, and lets you concentrate on solving the problem at hand!

With OpticsCalcX, just select the type of calculation and parameters, and enter the known value(s). It does the calculations for you - and you can even copy and paste the results into another document.

The computations it handles are...

  1. Paraxial Thick Lens

  2.    Lens Makers Formula

  3. Snell's Law

  4. Prism Refraction

  5. Depth of Focus/Depth of Field

  6. Reflection Coefficients

For more information about OpticsCalcX, please review the on-line manual; it should answer any question you have. Or, just download OpticsCalcX and dive right in.

OpticsCalc runs on Macintosh® computers under OS X 10.3.9 or newer

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